Power plants

Power plants

We specialise in providing complete used power plants for our customers.


This will ordinarily involve sourcing a whole power plant and relocating it to the customer’s intended site.

Step 1: Contact us – we will conduct a consultation to address your individual needs.
Step 2: We will work with you to suggest a solution which will work for you on a technical level.
Step 3: We will secure a plant which will meet your requirements.
Step 4: Inspections and site visits.
Step 5: We will advise re: budgeting, time scales and any additional costings to consider on a case by case basis.
Step 6: Contracts – We have sold many used power plants and will work with you to understand the resulting contracts and formalities.
Final stage: Dismantling, freight and re-commissioning – We can be as involved as required through the process of dismantling and relocating a plant. We have many years of wisdom to offer our customers, should they require it.

Points to consider:


  • Used Plants are often far more attractive financial propositions. Please see Why Buy Used for more information.
  • We can help you as much as you need. It is up to you! All customers are assessed on a case by case basis as needs can vary tremendously.
  • Looking to become a power generator or expand your existing operations…. Request a consultation