8.25MW Condensing Turbo-Generator Set

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UEN – 3121

8.25MW Condensing Turbo-Generator Set

Manufacturer: Allen Steam Turbines

Year Manufactured: 1999

Operating Hours: ~70,000

Condition: Used, Good

Status: Dismantled & Stored






Manufacturer:                 Allen Steam Turbines, England

Year of Construction:                                               1999

Rated Power:                                                   8,250 kW

Rated Speed:                                                  7,500 rpm

Normal Inlet Pressure:                               44.4 bar abs.                 

Max. Cont. Inlet Pressure:                            47 bar abs.

Normal Inlet Temperature:                                     450 C

Max. Cont. Inlet Temperature:                               460 C

Normal Exhaust Press:                            0.007 bar abs.

Max. Cont. Exhaust Pressure:                  0.111 bar abs.



Manufacturer:         CKD-Praha Energo, Czech Republic

Year of Construction:                                                1999

Type:                                    Synchronous AC Generator

Rated Power:                                                 10,180 kVA

Power Factor:                                                            0.85

Rated Power:                                                    8,250 kW

Voltage:                                                              11,000 V

Current:                                                                   534 A

Number of Poles:                                                           4

Rated Speed:                                                   1,500 rpm

Phases:                                                                          3

Frequency:                                                             50 Hz

Service:                                                                        S1

Cooling Method:                                                    IEC 31

Insulation Class:                                                       F / F

Connection:                                                                  4Y