55 t/h Natural Gas / Syngas Fuelled Boiler

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About This Product

UEN 3131

Year of Manufacture: 2006

Year Commissioned: 2009

Condition: As new

Operating Hours: < 20,000

Status: Installed on Foundation, Europe






Manufacturer:                                 Neotherm S.r.l., Italy                        

Year of Construction:                                               2006

Rated Thermal Power:                              To be advised

Maximum Continuous Thermal Power:     To be advised

Fuel (1):                                                       Natural Gas

Fuel (2):                                                   Synthesis Gas

LHV (NG):                                              8,250 kCal/Nm³

LHV (Syngas):                                        2,210 kCal/Nm³

Fuel Consumption (NG @ MCR):               4,735 Nm³/h

Fuel Consumption (Syngas @ MCR):       17,780 Nm³/h

Normal Steam Production:                           55,528 kg/h

Maximum Steam Production:                       55,528 kg/h

Operating Range (NG or Syngas):                   30-100%

Normal Steam Pressure:                               56 bar abs.

Maximum Steam Pressure:                           56 bar abs.    

Normal Steam Temperature:                                 410 C

Maximum Steam Temperature:                             410 C

Feedwater Temperature:                                       125 C

Efficiency:                                                                 91%